In reviewing old notes & looking for inspiration to write a came across a musing from Solstice last year… and felt to share it with you.

Summer Solstice 2009-06-17
A shift of Perception.

Hello Friends It is hard to believe that six months have passed since the last solstice news! Yet here we are with the sun moving into Cancer and greeting the longest day of summer.

The planetary conjunctions for the last few months, with the opening of new portals and the master vibrations pouring out their support, many of us have found our selves in deep process, as we clear out more of the archetypal patterns, which prevent us from living our highest potential, in love, delight and compassion.

At the moment and alongside the new moon on the 22nd we have strong transits which are pushing us into our deepest wounds, the very core is being challenged, whilst the edges are melting the illusions to let us have a deeper peek inside. I am sure some of you are wondering ‘how much deeper can we go?’ and yet to birth the new humanity, depth and shattering is needed.

We have to shatter the beliefs that prevent us from knowing that we are points of light. Why is it so hard to believe?

We are living on a star that is hurtling through the galaxy at 29,7859 klm per second!! Our bodies are full of crystals and photons. We are telepathic, clairvoyant, and we have the ability to heal. We are beings of the stars. Our point of light is lodged in our bodies as our guiding light crystal if we could only learn to listen.

With the arrival of the sun in Cancer there is a tightening of the conjunctions, you might feel as if you are being squeezed for every drop of juice that you have to offer, to yourself and to others. Just as in the birth process the baby is squeezed to move from one dimension to the other and in some moment the waters break.

The quickening is intensifying and will continue to do so from now till well after 2012 as the birthing of this new humanity takes place as an enlightened society. We are being asked to heal our emotional bodies, dissolve the archetypal wounds, let go of the mental judgements and discover the true nature of our being. Many of you will be feeling the acceleration of this process as we are being pulled with our planet into a new geometrical alignment.

We are being rebuilt at a cellular level and the collective suffering is being wiped from the hard drive. It cannot survive in the new frequency. At the same time we can feel that there is no time.

The idea of a twenty-four hour day has long since passed into the archives of our history, yet is persists as an idea. This idea is causing increasing distress as so many people run around with ever increasing speed and anxiety.

The body is changing but the mind is still in the driving seat. If you listen to your body you will soon sssslllloooowww down, but the mind is in fear, it does not trust, it is still running on the old program.

For those of us who have been aware of the quickening for many years or at least since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 we are a little more prepared for the outpouring of high resonance divine energy that is catapulting us into a new reality.

Osho called this awakening to the new man ‘Zorba the Buddha’. The awakened one who is fully participating in life. John White called the new human Homo Noeticus. John White is himself a visionary and nothing would point to that more than his faith and support in assisting astronaut Edgar Mitchell to found the Institute of Noetic Sciences or even more it was with his help that one of the most seminal thinkers of our time ‘Ken Wilber’ had his first book ‘Spectrum Of Consciousness’ published.

There have been and are hundreds of respected visionaries who have written of the next human evolution. Some call it the arrival of Homo Spiritus or Homo Sanctus , the Sacred Human. These names and the prophecy have been told for centuries. We are now experiencing the shift.

When Osho talked of ‘The New Man’ it was the marriage of Zorba who is a Dionysian character, fully in the world with a great zest for life and love and song but no awareness; and Buddha full of awareness but missing the passion of Zorba for the world. The sacred human is our flowering our love of life, the planet with an awakened consciousness that also heralds in our dormant psychic gifts.

Carl Johann Calleman a recognised authority on the Mayan Calendar tells us of the imminent evolution of humanity as it was also prophesied by the Mayans as we come into alignment with Galactic Central and the completion of the 9 underworlds as described by the Mayans and the opening and integration of the 9 dimensions. For those of you who have attended ‘Heart Connection’ connection class and have read your heart manual you have read of this shift as I likened it to the shift from Cro Magnon to Neanderthal man…or is it the other way around??  Well no matter here we are again.

Thousands of years ago these biological vehicles that we embody made a huge leap to stand upright and suddenly were equipped with a forebrain! We are once more going through a critical shift perhaps of even greater proportions. This shift is one of perception, awakening, co-creation. It is a heart opening and heart wrenching experience as we start to resonate in the fullness of our star alignment.

We are witnessing and participating in the shift to an enlightened humanity.

The whole cycle of awakening will take time but we are here to be part of the birthing process. This shift is a calling inside and only those who hear it can answer but everyone will benefit as we reach critical mass. This is not personal it is simply geometry.

The world is largely living from an old agenda. This agenda has been over for hundreds of years but it takes time to awaken to the new geometry. Just as it took time for the whole of humanity to know that the world is not flat. “Any crisis is essentially a crisis of perception . . . It derives from the fact that we are trying to apply the concept of an outdated world view – the mechanistic world view of science – to a reality that can no longer be understood in terms of those concepts. We live today in a globally inter-connected world in which biological, psychological,Social and environmental phenomena are all interdependent.” Fritjof Capra, Physicist Even since this quote was made, quantum science has made huge leaps in understanding.

The perception of ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are is ever more present in our society.

Just as we evolved from having a primitive brain to having a triune brain And we moved from simple co-ordination to cognition and perception, now we need to move our perception to see a much bigger picture and to bring this into our Conscious understanding and into our every day decision- making process. The split in the inner and outer life is being revealed. Our identification with the ego strategies is being exposed. The shadow is being brought into the light.

I am often asked how does this apply to me? What are the benefits?

This question shows how powerful the programme is! It is asking, ‘give me a good reason why I should give up the old game’!

It is not really aware of the energy at play; it wants the new information so that it can keep the old game going in a new way. So that it might theorise the shift and sound ‘as if’! The ego personality, which is the false self, is asking how this can benefit the false reality!

The personality is a boundary of armouring that we think protects us from an outer world that we fear and do not trust. It is woven through our blood and bones, our cells and tissue; it is a powerhouse of pretence and illusion do not take it lightly. It will not be discharged so easily! It will take all of your attention to see how skilled It is at pretending to be ‘The Awakened One’!

We can talk about it, as the false self or the little self but the powerful force it wields is mighty. We have lived this illusion as a collective and now are breaking free of these steel bonds. Resistance tightens the bonds, surrender and breathing gives space and gentleness to this contracted reality. The process can be painful and the ego will fight to the death to protect its beliefs.

The benefits are transcendence and the personality likes the idea but also fears it, as how can it know transcendence? Transcendence does not exist within its known reality. Clearly this is not an overnight issue. There is an alchemical process at work here. A mutational transcendent alignment being assisted by a new crystalline geometry that is pouring fourth into our cells and waking up our dormant capacities. And like all things there has to be an open-ness as even existence cannot fill a full cup. Resistance blocks the open-ness.

The ego will benefit, it will benefit, by being integrated back into essence. It will finally find its home, the very place it most fears, but deeply longs for. In each and every moment, this little shadow self that works so hard to keep you safe, whilst it pretends to be the real authentic being will slowly dissolve and be reabsorbed back into the field of true nature.

The further benefit is the release from the identification with suffering. To flow as the waters of life.

This mutation is an invitation to die before you die and wake up to a new world, This is an alchemical process. Solstice with the sun in its zenith and so many planets assisting in the process is a good time to know that it is applicable and transformative to you!

The process was started hundreds of years ago and we are experiencing an internal pressure, preceding a deluge of relief and huge expansion in the next few years. Many of us are feeling unstable at this time it is hard to make decisions or to find any lasting clarity. It is a bit like being inside a cosmic washing machine that is stuck on the spin cycle. Yet the changes are here, amidst the breakdown that we are seeing around the globe, there is also a rising hope, a cautious optimism that cannot be suppressed as more and more people stop buying into the media propaganda.

We will see it everywhere, as we look for innovative solutions for all kinds of issues personally and globally, ways to resolve things through respectful communication.

This new moon on the 22nd asks us what is important to us, what do we value and even as I write this I think of something I heard on the news this morning. I was listening to a young Iranian woman talking to a reporter of being clubbed yesterday! She said she wanted to run away but she could not as she was so proud to stand for what she believed in, even though she was clubbed by a military man and another man threw stones at her she had the courage to ‘be’ the change.

The breakdown; of the old systems are clear to see! Cancer moon is ushering in the sacred feminine, the water and the moon. It invites the power of this element. It asks you to find the courage to break down all that you are not and surrender to the sweet song of your undivided heart.

We are all playing our part. Surrender is the key to the divine feminine, be as a leaf on the water and let the river carry you. Breathe; surrender inside and become the river.

Courage does not always need fire it is not about putting energy against something. Courage can be like the river gently flowing but it cannot be stopped. It is the waters of life that hold the baby in safety until it is ready to come forth and it is the water that breaks to give way to a new dimension and experience of life.

This solstice is the celebration of the element of water. It is gentle and very strong and long after earth and fire are gone the water still remains. Let the waters of life melt the barriers of resistance inside and carry you to an integrated ground of being.

So beloveds know that whatever you are experiencing you are not alone, notice if your mind is busy with stories or your heart is heavy. Do not take it so personally this piece that you are exploring or struggling with in your head, is your part of the puzzle to free the field from oppression. There would be no oppression outside if there were no oppression inside. Take courage and find the way through with love and support.

Remember, as I heard Osho say, You are love, You are truth and You are freedom.

In love and friendship
A pressurised Tanmayo

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