Solstice Greeting.

I open my eyes to find that it is 4am on the 22nd of Dec 2011 . The Kookaburras are waking up along with me on this warm Brisbane morning.  I am aware of all the beloveds that I have been blessed to meet and feel to take a moment to connect with you and wish you the very best of days.

There is a quiet peace in my heart as we enter this first solstice since we moved through the condensed energy of the 9th wave of the Mayan Calendar heralding in Unity Consciousness.

It takes a different flavour in this part of the world, as for us in the land downunder it is summer and we are experiencing warm days and cool evenings for the past few weeks. Yesterday was around 32 degrees, the first toasty day of the Xmas season.  A day where it was truly wonderful to step into the shower after shopping or throw yourself into the pool.

In the north it is time to hunker down for the winter. Time for scrumptious soups and hearty meals and a nice red wine by the fireside. Time for going inwards for contemplation and allowing the year to come to a close and make space for the freshness of the spring to arise inside bringing new ideas and saying farewell to another cycle of life.

I am feeling the potency of the time we are living in and the approaching capricorn new moon on Dec 24th, bringing with it a time of reflection to reconsider our priorities.  As an Aquarian with  Capricorn in the north node I feel the grounded grace and strength of the transits right now.

This year has been one of intense change, that has left many people feeling disoriented.  Whether you have lived through the tremors of an actual earthquake or not you have been physically and psychically encountering them deep in your being.  Our world is being rocked on so many levels that sometimes it feels that you cannot even trust the ground under your feet!  But you can trust this movement of evolution! You can relax into the simple things of life and like the nimble movements of the capricorn goat, know, that your feet will always find a way to manoever over the trickiest terrain.

The Capricorn goat follows its own path, it is not dependent on the herd. It is a wise sure footed individual moving with the times and  jumping from rock to rock, steadfast in its commitment to reaching the higher ground clear of the old regime that would keep it fenced in. The Uranus and Jupiter transits bring excitement to the field to inspire the flagging spirit, they lift up the heart so that the sure footed goat may fly safely over rocky ground.

The evolutionary change goes on but we are becoming seasoned travellers. Capricorn assists us to settle in and ground our potential. We have already weathered so many storms now we can just relax into life. Relax into realising that we have no idea what is coming. The only thing we can be sure of is the experience of the moment.   As the old structures break down, governments fall, people around the world say ‘no’! The money system wobbles, corporations buy up water rights, Monsanto and others continue to interfere with our food.

We can just look on and know that none of these things can touch our indomitable spirit.

In fact we can respond with a smile as we see that we are succeeding in our mission.  A mission to dream a new way of life into being. All that is happening is the fruits of our labour.

Our world is experienceing  the breakdowns before the breakthrough and it is going to take some earth years for it to become completely apparent, but it is happening.  Divide and conquer, inequity and scarcity  cannot survive in Unity Consciousness. As spiritual warriors of light we are on track for what we came for and what it is all about.

As we each take a stand for equality and realise that love is the core of our being, the world around us starts to change. We are that change that is being reflected outside.  We are the starseed farmers that are planting a new crop of consciousness on planet Earth and to grow a new crop first you must break up the old soil. Like good farmers sometimes we have to  plough ahead, weather the storms and wait for the sun to come out and it always does.

In this continued time of change I wish you graceful surfing and if you do fall off your board let the winds of change scoop you back up, changed, but unscathed.

May the spirit of Solstice or Xmas fill your heart, May divine guidance be the torch to light your way.  May the spirit of your authentic nature continue to flower into the light of life in ever expanding abundance.

In loving friendship


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