Coming of Age – Spring Equinox March 20th 2011.

In the the last weeks and again today I have received emails from channeled sources and well meaning groups. Many of them still looking to a ‘God’ outside. Some of them saying that ‘Heaven’ is pleased with its planetary servers???

I can go to a place where this is not so important, a place where the sentiment is well meaning. However, I then sink into discernment, to a place where it is no longer ok to allow my emotional body to overlook some obvious realities. We are the only ones who can dream the new reality into being.

Existence is indeed a paradox of this there is no question and yet this year the intensity of the energy is asking us to realise that we are in the midst of a revolution in consciousness and no God outside or Heavenly body has any more power or presence to turn our planet on to another trajectory than we do. Yes us, these crazy, confused, conditioned suffering human fools! But, we are divine fools, blessed fools, fools that keep to the course no matter what we encounter. Nobody is counting how many times we fall down, make a mess, get it wrong or feel that the whole thing is so futile.

The only thing that matters if indeed anything matters is that we keep getting back up! And it seems that something inside us must feel that it matters because we keep getting back up!

In an earlier post I made reference to the Mayan Calendar and Unity Consciousness. Carl Calleman has been one of the greatest voices in offering the understandings of this body of wisdom over the last 30 yrs. His work goes deep, insightful and at times a little too masculine and strategic in approach for right brained beings. I say this with the deepest respect and invite you to explore his homepage for a more scientific view than I am able to offer. But, I digress!

We have just passed the Spring Equinox with an amazing moon and although for some parts of the world this is autumn, the energy that is permeating the planet is offering us all the same choices.

Having entered the Unity Wave we are in a time compression until the end of the Mayan calendar on Oct 28th 2011. Time is compressed and amplified during this time. With the power of all the transits that direct this energy it is a good time to be conscious of what you wish for. A time to hold true to a wholehearted view of life and to be aware that this time holds pure potential for activating your highest dreams.

This is a time to lean into these energies. To accept and flow with your heart.

There is a great deal of emotional intensity and fire in the planetary configurations for the next month, so be aware that this energy can also flare up into drama or be used to fuel your hearts desires.

Be aware of the power of the spoken word. The media is currently intent on raising as much fear and drama as possible yet as the media is full of ‘what if’ the Japanese people are showing us the way in their calm approach to the situation and the level of care that they are showing to each other. Notice also how quickly the media have turned their attention elsewhere. The crises in Japan is just as critical, not only from the nuclear reactors but for the rebuilding that is necessary in that country. Not only the physical rebuilding but the mental/ emotional impact of the experience. Our governments are so full of condolences and sending money, but once the spotlight moves away what happens? I wonder how the people are doing who went through the 2004 Tsunami? What about rebuilding in New Orleans or Haiti or Chili or or or.

We are also hearing and seeing what it is like to get back to basics. So many people in Japan saying ‘Oh this is like the old days when we all helped each other’!

This is not isolated to Japan. New Zealand and Australia have had their share of major earth shifts in the last few months. As have many other countries.

I am dreaming it is the start of new days. Days of community and planetary care. We watched homes and cars and boats all disappear in a heartbeat, lives simply washed away in minutes, we are perhaps taking some time to re-think our values. To move beyond our egocentric selves to a place where we dream in unity consciousness. A dream that serves ourselves, our families our communities and the planet herself. I wonder what would happen if we all started to send emails to our favourite TV stations to ask. ‘hey I would like an update on these countries that were promised aide and financial support? What has happened to that?

The Unity Wave is all inclusive, there is no outside, no external God, no person who is not family, no creature or plant, cloud or star that is less important. No one to blame and no one to fix it. We are all in this collective reality, our job is not to try and fix the planet but it might be our job to wake up, to heal the old stories that keep us separate, to be willing to face into our fears and find the courage that we are born with.

Survival is a myth, to take a line from the Nelson Mandela/Marianne Williamson speech,

‘We are powerful beyond measure’ is our light and not our darkness that most frightens us’!

The next 234 days are a quickening. Our Gregorian ideas of time are just that, ideas! The days are condensed into 13 cycles of 18 days. You might feel this pressure activating your cells.

If you do not recognize the shift you are in you can get carried away with this. Frustrated that things are not the way you want them, pushing to get things done. Let go of all efforting. The quickening is an internal process, it has everything to do with your inner life and the activation of your DNA to raise its frequency and move ever more profoundly into a living embodiment of consciousness. In order for your cells to go through the mutation, several things are needed. First an internal slow down. Listen to your body. Your nervous system will tell you when it is going too fast. Trust it! It needs time.

Pay attention to what is coming up for you. Remember ‘there is nobody outside’, whatever old pattern or story is appearing, notice it, it is coming up to be released, healed, acknowledged.

This is also part of the process. When you see the patterns and allow them ‘in’ this starts the alchemical reaction in your cells. Notice if you are triggered or defended, breathe, slow down, take a moment be glad that it is showing up so you have a chance to clear it. Much of what is being cleared out is the ancestral wounding. Take care of your environment. Inside and out. The ordinary daily activities, washing the dishes, going for coffee, remembering to love. These are the things which will anchor you amidst these amazing exciting times.

And yes they are intense and fiery and challenging and oh so very full of promise and excitement. So hoist your sails to catch the wind in your wings. We are on the doorstep of a breakthrough so jump in ‘boots n’ all’. This is what we came for! Dream your highest dreams whilst holding fast to the interdependence of life. Remember to breathe…. Drink lots of water, bless it. Give thanks for it, so many members of our family long to have such easy access to it. Remember them. Include them in your blessing. We are all connected. Water is a conductor, your blessing is received and the molecules light up to support the inner alchemy.

I wish you a great ride. Let these be the days of our lives.

In loving friendship


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