Happy New Year and welcome to 2012. We made it!

With all of the travails of life that have gone before, nevertheless we are here in bodies breathing our way through this momentous time of change.

I celebrated New Year with friends here in Australia sitting on the deck of a lovely old Qld home looking out over the valley with views of the ocean. The scent of frangipani leaves permeating the night air was a perfect ending to what has been an intense year.

Like so many other years I have been ‘called’ to be in different parts of the planet.

I welcomed in 2011 in the USA and spent the year travelling between the States, Australia the Philippines and Japan. Seems that I needed to be somewhere in the region of the ring of fire. Last year certainly gave us lots of seismic activity to keep us on our toes.

As we traversed through what the Mayans called the Unity wave, and the end of a 26.000 year cycle, collectively we are waking up from the long sleep. As this cycle draws to a close many of us felt the shift in Oct 2011 as these inner worlds collapse they are also collapsing inside us.

We are not separate from these frequencies rather we have been holding them in place with the density of collective thoughts and the power and drama of the astral plane. This has been a time of reflection, deconstruction and reconstruction. As the old world collapses we feel it in our bodies and at the same time we are opening as our cells receive the new light codes that are pouring fourth through the crystaline grid to engage our dormant cells. Dormant they may have been but we have had to raise our frequency, open our hearts and minds and enter into the truth of the unknown in order for these codes to become available to us. We have had to allow ourselves to see how easily we become identified with stories and release ourselves from these patterns, issues and behaviours so that our essential qualities could flow through.

As the old system comes to its natural closure the planetary light body is reforming. The merkabah that has held it together is collapsing as the geometries of the torus/merkabah bring forth elevated geometric super structures of light. These superstructures are interdimensional weavings energised by the qantum reality of life, embedded in our DNA codes which sparkle and inform as they are informed with the dream of the collective shift that is taking us into the unknown. Whilst at the same time bringing wisdom and illumination from dimensions where we have already grounded the reality of consious living in freedom and respect.

Human beings have been asking for change and changing for milennia and we just happen to be here at the penultimate moment. We are the dream and the dreamer dreaming it into being.

In the world of Human design Ra talked about us being 9 centred beings and the body graph shows those nine centrers….. My feeling is that we have had the mechanism for it and have been waiting for the collective shift into the Aquarian age for it to come alive collectively. For those of us who are extremely receptive to energies we are aware of receiving terabytes of new downloads, at the same time we do not know what they are until someone asks us. In that moment we pass on what is needed to the field. Slowly the whole field opens and the fragrance of love, bliss and freedom weaves its way deeply into the collective psyche and suddenly that which was considered ‘fringe’ information 20 years ago or even last week is suddenly the topic on the lips of the collective lifestream.

We are in the midst, not only of transformation but of transfiguration. Transformation is personal but transfiguration is transpersonal.

First we move through an integrative process into the pure embodiment of what ever gift or light code that has demanded our evolution. Until in some moment it moves into our bones and out into the field of light to be burned in cosmic fire. At this point the alchemy is complete it has happened at the atomic level. You can never go back. You may look the same but you are changed inside. The old habits and behaviors simply fade away, you may still be trigged and defended but suddenly there is no energy to support the habit. You find yourself immediately acknowledging, ‘I am triggered/defended/justifying/needing to be right…you are now exposing the old addictive patterns as they cannot live in the new frequencies. They are stale and take you on a downward spiral where the new codes invite you to sit in balance in the centre of the torus with the light aligned above and below and travelling freely.

In a sense we are living from the other side. So much of the old dramatic patterning is flowing out of our cells, emotionality is being replaced with feeling/perception, awareness is piercing through the stories and penetrating the enmeshment of mental/ emotional states that are kept alive by the collective attachment to the astral plane.

We have seen several meteor showers and comets pass through our system and as they do so they take all that astral debris with them. Rudolph Steiner wrote about this phenomena early last century and I sense the truth of it. They clean out our atmosphere making the potential for actually feeling our feelings and perceiving from an objective view much more readily available for all, as the need to dramatise and use emotion as a shield to justify behaviour is washed away.

You may notice that your language changes as your light codes open to you. Love has its own way of communicating. In the next twenty years ideas of borders and countries will disappear as the energy of Aquarius and the Fellowship of all Beings, opens our hearts and minds to the reality of our collective soul.

There are no such thing as countries any longer…except for the landmass. The world being is masked by and governed by a conglomerate of bankers, whilst the masses remain unaware. In this unawareness the media promote whatever propanda serves their big picture goals. Economies are collapsed, wars started, faminine allowed to continue, whilst their profit margins soar. We are fed propaganda that isolates and fuels tribal beliefs masked as national pride, religious fervor! The fear of scarcity makes us ‘close our borders’ and march together to fight these apparently external foes . A foe that does not exist. A situation that is being manipulated by some conglomerates who care not at all for humanity but only for their own gain. They are really good at their game and also good at manipulating the outcomes in their favour. To them earth is a great big monopoly board and we all just have to learn how to play a bigger game. It does not matter how many people starve or lose their homes. Does not matter how many children die, or are sold into slavery. It does not matter that we pollute the planet, BUT, their time is drawing to a close. We are in the death throes of an old regime and it is not going to go quietly. It will kick and struggle but in its struggle it is strangling itself. So do not despair of all the media hype or the breakdowns. Instead remember this is what we came for. The old regime cannot survive when the collective heart opens. Give space to all and judge not. All is in its rightness. Let us fill our hearts with compassion for all.

As the shift takes place we are using our imaginal cells to dream the new reality into being. Every small act of kindness and generosity that comes from the authenticity of being is bringing us collectively into alignment. Every act of forgiveness every moment of true gratitude that pours through our system is anchoring in the change. Every time we see a new perspective of some percieved injury from the past we let go and the essence of being has more space to breath new light into your life.

Let this be a year of letting go, as the water dragon inspires our creative flow and as Venus arrives mid year to remind us that this is the year to love, love and love some more.

This is not to suggest that you skip the shadow states, but rather you embrace them. Find your way to a Gene Keys session if you have not had one already. Learn to Live your light codes and see that your Purpose and life work is all laid out and available for you to unfold your genius in unique and synchronistic ways.  As you are drawn to your true purpose for play you attract the correct playmates,those that are aligned in a soul full way. Looking for your purpose outside is a phantom of the old reality, a phenomenon left over from the industrial age! Purpose is encoded in the matrix of your DNA along with co-operation, synarchy and interdependence. We are all on a journey to breathe our evolution into being, across all dimensions of reality, to be grounded right here on the physical plane of planet Earth.

We are on a move from surviving to thriving. If you have not watched ‘Thrive the Movie’ I strongly recommend it.

Gene Keys offers us a direct root to see how we are actually designed, it gives clarity to our life work and purpose. It is time to differentiate between money and work. We come to realize that in nourishing our inner life and opening to encounter a deeper purpose we become whole. The inner life and the outer life start to align. Currently there is such a split in how we view our spiritual life. It is something that we do ‘after’ we take care of our ‘real’ life! It is a luxury that we spend time on after we ‘take care of the business of life’ instead of realizing this is the business of our life!

In Dec 2011 we watched in awe as a new comet named Lovejoy survived its passage as it flew so close to the sun. It streamed its way through the heavens waving its tail and brightening the morning sky. A beautiful metaphor for this year, its brief and unexpected appearance left us in awe with joyful hearts.

We are so afraid to live our light, lest like Icarus we are burned by flying to close to the sun. Now it is time to ‘come out, come out where ever you are’ and let your light shine. Let the spirit of Joy light up our hearts regardless of what is happening on the perifery. The light shining from the core is our stability, grounded in the body. Lovejoy left us with a magnificent light show even though we did not see its head … perhaps that is the best gift of all. To move from our heads to our hearts and allow the alignment with guidance to move us through the world.

Wishing you all fair winds in 2012.

May our journeys bring us ever more into soul-full, heart-full alignment with the world soul.

In loving friendship


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