Traditionally in the Gregorian calendar, we have come to the end of what we know as 2012 and what a year it has been personally and globally as we have watched all the changes breakdowns and breakthroughs that have occurred.

In the Mayan Calendar we went through a change on 21.12.12.  I felt the bigger shift ( me Tanmayo ) on 12.12.12. and now for both of us we are feeling like we are still in transit and perhaps like good projectors we are ‘waiting’ for the Rave New Year on January 22nd. This is when the new cycle begins with the 41st gate or 41st Gene Key.

The Gene Keys have a profound relationship to our genetics symbolized by the mathematical relationship of the 64 hexagrams to the 64 Genetic Codons, illuminated by Ra in the Human Design system.

However regardless of which time cycle we may or may not be living we are all still here, the world did not end and we have not all woken up as collective bliss bunnies. Yet we are aware that ‘the shift’ is ‘happening’ it has not ‘happened’ as in a finite event but rather is happening as a continuous unfolding.

As previously stated we are feeling ourselves caught in a kind of holding pattern. Perhaps ‘waiting’ for the 22nd of Jan to arrive and with it the activation in our systems of the 41st Gene Key. The 41 is a ‘start codon’ it initiates the new cycle.

The key words for the 41, which come from the Spectrum of Consciousness is Emanation, Anticipation, and Fantasy is the shadow.

The 41 with this fiery energy of anticipation is assisting the easy birth of the new cycle or the shadow of fantasy can keep us in the same pressure cooker of struggle that has been experienced for hundreds of years.  You just have to look in any bookstore and see the number of self-help books on the shelves to see that we are in a struggle to be happy – what an oxymoron.

The 41 is brimming with anticipation as it is coded with the information from the next cycle but we have to live the cycle to gain the wisdom inherent in the experience. From here if we open to the Grace that the 41 offers we may move beyond experience itself, into the pure emanation of spirit in form.

It is easy to see how the shadow of fantasy has been playing out in the world. Fantasy is fuelled by the desire for experience. For many of us that has also become fuel for the spiritual super ego. The voice of the inner judge that lets us know that we are failing in our mission.  The pressure of the 41 to fulfill its mission to evolve leaves us vulnerable to comments of the inner judge.  We are also invulnerable as part of the fantasy.  This belief of invulnerability increases the pressure to ‘become’ rather than relax into receiving the messages encoded in the 41 and transmitted to our cells for the next evolutionary cycle.  The mind hates a void and the 41 is the empty cauldron.  There is a call here to clean out the cupboards. To ‘Clear your mind’!

The 41 is dealing with aeons of ancestral conditioning. This let go is deep. ‘Over half of your genetic code derives from other organisms from an earlier evolution. All this history carries an enormous weight inside you. And in this sense it drags you down, but in another it urges you to want to break free.’ Richard Rudd.

To face the pressure of all this past inside you takes enormous courage, and as you let it in, you want to run and distract yourself away from it in any way possible. Richard comments that ‘it causes us to literally hunger for a better future’.

This hunger gives us a voracious appetite for life and has a strong relationship with food.  How many of you notice the 41 at work over the holiday period? How much food was left uneaten?

The pressure of the 41 finds great distraction in food. For some it is the satisfaction of fast food or a full shopping cart. For others it is the search for purity. Is it organic?  Here again we can find fuel for the spiritual super hero.

Whether we are focused on more food or focused on the purist view we are still very busy with what we are taking in! How much time is there between meals? This is also true for the seeker – how many books, programs, teleclasses, daily affirmations can you do? And when is there time for integration?

How often have you committed to a program and then stuck with it until it is embodied before you move on to the next best thing? What is the distinction between a natural evolutionary arc and great marketing? The field is so full of distractions that it debilitates our capacity to discern the messages available to us from the morphogenetic field, which is the gift of the 41.

Is the cauldron empty?

Anticipation is not expectation. There is no mind involved in Anticipation. It is not looking for outcome. It is being sensitive to pattern and rhythm. Then waiting for what it has perceived to manifest in form without having any idea of how it will or what it will look like. The 41 picks up the pattern and its programming partner the 31 touches the heart of the people by using its gifts to express the depth of the experience.

Those who are listening may find their beliefs being rattled and the ground of their false security beginning to shake. They may even think you are bonkers but regardless of their response or reaction their hearts hear it.

Courage is needed to be open to the 41, courage to stay with the discomfort and pressure of the shadow instead of running off in distraction.  The 31 then becomes the voice of the people and leadership takes the form of speaking the experience without concern for what others might think.

The 41 is inviting us to move to the next evolutionary level or to ‘jump to any miracle square now!’ In the world’s number one Christmas movie ‘A Miracle on 34th St’,  Santa is ‘saved’ by a Miracle…the miracle came in the form of the words…’In God we Trust’.

In 2013 we need to walk in deep trust, and, as encouraged by Morpheus we need to walk the path as well as know the path…this year is a call to action ….whatever that means for you. It is a call to live and express your love. It is a call to integrate all that you have been experiencing and offer that radiance of you to the world.

In the past many have been split and unwilling to share who they really are hiding behind the justifications of ’Oh I could not say that at my work’ or ‘my family are not into any of this’ and of course there are times to remain quiet as we have no need nor any agenda to involve anyone in any kind of crusade. No need to be provocative though you may be interpreted that way.

Yet we must be discerning and true to our souls and share when we feel we must even though all present may disagree or not appreciate what has been spoken. There are times when the field needs our voices with no attachment to what is being said, nor any need for others to be accepting. We are simply accepting of ourselves.

2013 is taking us to the next rung in the spiral. When the clock ticks over on Jan 22nd each cell in our body will be activated by the new codes within the 41. This is a fiery initiation, one of movement and action. This is not the action of the efforting ego/mind but the arising activity that comes from the empty cauldron. It invites us to see what is in decrease and what is being called to a higher resonance.

A place where we will move on things that have been building in us and at the same time we are going to see a lot more change this year. We have 3 more years of the Uranus/Pluto influence. The challenges may still be strong and mighty as so much change creates upheaval and chaos before order.

The Swallow is the Celestial Totem for the 41. So we finish with this inspiration.

“The swallow is strongly connected with the energy of springtime because its punctual arrival always signifies better weather. As a totem the swallow is very powerful to work with, as it concerns birthing energies into the world that have not fully manifested.  People of the swallow totem thus work with subtle energies emerging from the divine source. As such they are unusually ahead of their time as they are always catching the first emanations from the dreamtime realm as they manifest in form.”

If you are reading this it is likely that you have been and are a pathfinder and carry Swallow Medicine.  Every age needs those who have the faith to listen to the distant drummer even though those around them do not hear the call or recognise the beat. Only then does the sound begin to penetrate deeper into the collective heart.

Wishing us all the whole heartedness needed to

Surrender to the Journey.

In Anticipation and loving friendship

Tanmayo and Martha

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