It is so easy to lose sight of the mission. Easy to get lost and entangled in the confusion of the collective mental/emotional frequencies that we are bombarded with in every moment by the depth of the density of this bodily life.

The collective frequency at this time is reverberating with the shift and as with any shift we are facing the unknown. The field is resonating with anticipation whilst at the same time hanging by its canines to the old agenda.

Even though we have experienced the parting of the veil, each time more light, love and grace flows to the planet we also have to deal with the whiplash of rebound.

The false core bounces back with greater ferocity.  We see the outpouring of this in the media, there seems to be more bombings and shootings and violent atrocities around the world along with all kinds of manipulation and hypocrisy being exposed. At the same time we are blessed with those brave souls who turn up daily in Taksim Square willing to put their lives on the line.  They entered in innocence and peace to save something they loved and were met with extreme force and persecution. This is often what happens when the old regime is unwilling to let go. But let go it must and let go it will but we will need to stand strong as it falters and stumbles and rumbles and dies.

We may need to remember why we read all the books and were inspired by those movies we watched, the workshops we attended the talks we listened to and realise, there is nothing more that can be said or done, it is now up to us! It is up to us to ground ourselves in consciousness and to walk the path as well as know the path!

Perhaps the bravery of people like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowdon will inspire us to make our own higher choices and perhaps even stand with them.

Just as the Oracle says’, ’We have already made the choice now we have to understand why we made it!’  We must all find our voices to speak out or allow our feet to guide us to stand and be counted when we encounter injustice.

Existence needs balance and we are the balance. We are the ‘away team’ the re-source and force that is re-igniting and aligning our original source code.

So much focus was put on the end of the last cycle. Celebration and anxiety surrounded 2012 but what of the new cycle? Did we imagine it would be easy?

Paradoxically it is easy, if we can simply breathe and relax, relax, relax and let go! Release ourselves from the inner demands of the monkey mind with all of its need to control and desire to push the mountain.  It is the entanglement of the mental/emotional dramas with all of their fear spirals that glues the unaware to the astral field and the density that comes from identifying in the beliefs of this ‘old world’ story of success, survival and competition.

Many of us have experienced such a range of despair on this journey that some days it feels like we cannot go on. Yet we must and we do.

This year we are experiencing the start of many powerful planetary configurations accompanied by solar storms, large coronal holes, meteors spinning by and strong moons. We need to move away from this idea of being separate from any of this, our DNA is activated by these shifts. Anxiety levels may be heightened for no apparent reason as the new codes challenge the primal frequencies and collective conditioning. There is little space in between these outpourings as our planet mutates. We either move with her or we suffer.  When space does appear it may come in a form that causes anxiety.

So Relax, your mission is on track, look for the higher principles instead of getting stuck in the story. Drop all opinions. Let go.

Opinions polarize and whilst we are engaged in them we are no longer in relationship with anyone, we are only in relationship with the opinion!

Relationships and working conditions change.

Some in ways that are challenging.


None of us can know the soul journey of another.  We are not here to measure each other by old ideas of success.

We must notice the subtleties of the elegant ego and watch the motivation in any conversation?

Are we being supportive of others or is there a hidden agenda?

Are you still taking sides?  How does it serve us to denigrate or find fault with another?

No self-recrimination needed. Honest reflection brings relief to the system and opens the doors to the mystery.

Let love be the guide.

We are here to usher in a new era although at times we may have doubt.  Each life is a thread of brilliancy weaving the tapestry of life and grounding the golden threads.

We are the bridge and the builders of The New Earth. Each and every one of us committed to this breath, this life, this joy of Gaia even in the midst of our many protests of being “so over it”!

“We are still here!”

Stepping off the cliff has become the norm so lets take our auric hands and jump straight into the heart of ‘trust in the unknown’!

Feelings are heightened at these times and we must be aware to channel this energy and allow ourselves to experience its highest vibration.

And if that vibration leads to experiencing some deep anxiety or shadow frequency ‘remember’ there is no such thing as a shadow that has not at its core the seed of your highest potential.

Astrologically we are approaching the  ‘Grand Water Trine’ and the next ‘super moon’ traditionally known as a perigree full moon when the moon is closest to the earth.

The timing and configuration of these constellations are attuned to our atomic structure. Everything we are engaging in right now is exactly as it should be. There is nothing absent, nothing missing and nothing wrong.  Feelings are heightened at these times being open and receptive makes the transition one of ease.

The body of the collective Incarnating Super Soul is alive and well and being birthed through every one of us.

Here in S.E Qld. Australia we are entering the ‘Winter Dreaming’ a time where all is quiet and the seeds on the new are nurtured into being.  So take heart all that you are exhuming is the beauty and truth of your own soul.

I wish us all an aware transition as we stand in the first year of a new age.  Let us all lean in together that we may feel the loving support in this field of benevolent consciousness.

In Loving Regard


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