Beloved Cosmic Travellers

I am writing this from Portland Oregon as we enter the first day of 2011. 1/1/11 or 11:11! What an auspicious start to the year.

For those of you who are familiar with numerology you will know that we are starting on a Master vibration number. The energy of a Master number emanates from outside our mundane reality. It flows through from Galactic Central and beyond, reaching the causal plane and downloading to inspire us to live our highest visions of life.

According to Dan Millman in his book ‘The Life You are Born to Live’

(A nice addition to any library) the eleven vibration has to deal with Double Creativity and Double Insecurity. It is also a number dedicated to service. The spiritual messenger entrusted with the task of Bridging the Spiritual and material realms. Ultimately grounding spirit in matter.

Inspiration and illumination are the gifts that the 11 vibration brings, especially, when the focus is on serving the collective soul. The 11 is an easy vibration if you are able to surrender and allow your life to be guided intuitively or to simply accept ‘what is’ in the moment. Keeping a focus on the material world creates difficulty with this vibration. The material world works beautifully when your focus is on your creative contribution.

Along with entering the year with this 11 vibration we are also leaning into a year of more powerful planetary transits. Alas I doubt that we are at the end of the upheaval.

Chiron and Neptune enter Pisces this year. Chiron the centaur (Half man/half horse) moves into the sign of the fish, two fish actually, apparently swimming in opposite directions. I wonder if a key to this configuration is like the 11, an integration of matter and spirit, the awakened conscious human integrated with our sensual, instinctive, primordial nature becoming the embodied Sacred Human.  Passionately alive and aware!

The double Piscean fish represent the Christ/Magdelene energy of the awakened heart of humans. Rather than swimming in different directions we see them swim in a sacred geometry of the ‘Vesica Pisces’.

Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’ constantly looking to heal an area of life that seems to be the ‘Achilles heel’, or a vulnerable tender place that is not quite resolved.

Chiron lived with his wound whilst gaining great wisdom, which he passed on to others. Only when he gave his life in full service to another did the wound fully heal.

Pisces lends compassion to Chiron, with Neptune breaking down our boundaries and allowing us to dissolve the illusions of our lives and open to see the true mystery that we are here to live. In this year the core wounds can be healed. With Pisces and Neptune we are looking at a watery aspect to the year.  Deep emotions may surface and they may also rock some troubled waters.

And even as we may have unresolved wounds they do not have to define us, rather they remind us to be compassionate and sensitive to the wounds and journey of others.

This year I have been in Germany, Australia, the UK and the Philippines twice. Japan five times and this is my third time in the USA. I left the USA on June 26th during the lunar eclipse, travelled round the planet to land in New Zealand and then fly on to Australia. On the 21st of December I returned to America during the lunar eclipse and Solstice.  Jupiter and Uranus the planets, which influence travel, transformation and freedom, sit in the mid-heaven of my personal chart. This year they have been conjunct fiery Mars inviting breakthroughs drawing us close to the core of galactic central and it is not over yet.

Again I surrender to the acceptance that there is no separation, I am, these planetary activities that I am sharing with you!  Each of these planets is streaming forth their information, which is being received by our cells.

Our collective bid for freedom is strongly underway. As our DNA comes alive, in concert with bring timing, inviting a deep surrender to the fire and flow of life.

Transformation means change, I wonder if any of us could have been prepared for what life is actually asking of us?

Surrender to the oneness of life is to accept that life may not look at all like you expected. Yet it brings gifts of insight and awareness that are treasures for the soul.

Joseph Campbell said ‘We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us’.

The three days of this winter solstice I was deeply immersed in conversations pertaining to healing our gender wounds.  The last years and even more so this year there is so much energy to support the healing of gender wounding that has been insidiously imposed upon us for generations. This is a strong year to excavate the truth from imposed beliefs. Relationships are also changing taking on new forms and people are finding the way that suits them best.

I was just watching Madonna on TV this afternoon on the Ellen Degeneres Show.  One of the things I heard her say was, ‘if we all stopped indulging in gossip imagine how much more energy we would have’.

Perhaps this year the gender wounds will really start to heal. The issues of sexuality are coming more and more to the fore as same sex marriages are being campaigned for more prominently all over the world. Human trafficking is becoming a global issue. The Catholic Church is still suffering from the issue of sexual abuse and here in the USA, the behaviour of the TSA security at the airports is causing a global outcry.

Men and women are saying no to having their bodies searched publicly and insensitively. I heard one man on a television news clip tell a security guard that he would punch him if he touched his genitals! The shadows of our sexuality keep showing up. Yet it is good to remember that these are collective issues. Change occurs, when we are willing to lean into our edges and have the courage to look at the tough issues. To deeply accept all aspects of our-selves and our sexuality and bring it into the light of sensual pleasure and sacred touch. Oneness is the inclusion of all.

I know we are all doing our work and committing ever deeply to our own liberation. We are making a difference.  I can see it everywhere around the world. In every country I have visited. Yes there is pain and suffering but there is also Hope, Love and Charity. An abundance of spirit that is being shared.  We are collectively remembering, remembering that our journey here is to live the highest expression of ourselves and that is the challenge, as we distance more and more from the collective thinking.

Paradoxically there is a new reality arising around us. It is easier now to walk the walk and talk the talk. Easier to share this new reality, there are more people living on the edge and even more waiting to hear what you have to share.

We are supported by all these amazing planetary frequencies and none more significant than the realms of the Masters that live within the eleven vibration.

Shambala is the true home of the eleven, I send this to you in homage to the 11:11.

I wish you all a glorious 2011.

In loving friendship

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