March the 9th 2011 marks the official start date of a new cycle in the Mayan Calendar, this time is known as the ninth wave of the Universal Underworld or the Wave of Unity Consciousness. From now until October there is an ever increasing intensity as the waves of evolution pouring through our planetary system meet our DNA patterns. Destroying that which we cling to as conditioned or traditional behavior, and creating revolution in our cells to ignite the power of our hearts to action and embody those truths that we have been dreaming into being for millennium.

As I write this today, March 11th, from deep in the core of our planet came an eruption and tsunami which has devastated the coast of Japan.

To watch something like that ‘live’ on TV, was to see something terrifying and to know completely that life is to be lived and all clinging is useless.

There was little or no warning for the Japanese people. The waves of energy just erupted from the planets core 200 kms offshore, and in the next moments where washing across the Japanese mainland.

The planet herself is moving and morphing as evolution beckons.

I am often in awe to see that it takes cataclysmic events to shift us out of our complacent local selves and remember that we are actually planetary citizens.  My heart goes out to all those people caught up in the devastation of this event.

This year has been heralded for being one of growth, of new beginnings and very much about revolution. The astrological shifts have moved from Sacred Devotion to Evolutionary Spiritual Warrior, as Uranus leaves Pisces and enters Aries today!

Uranus really represents this energy surge as it joins its energy with Aries to propel us into the future in a way that is unknown and unpredictable. Uranus is future oriented and brings bolts of electric awakening.  For Uranus the future is now! With these energies flowing fast and furious on the planet you will feel an inner surge to wake up, to live and walk and talk your inner truth.  You may also find that your community changes as you cannot be with stagnant old energy that drags on and on and is stuck in old traditions and beliefs. We are being shocked into letting go of so many old beliefs, to stand shoulder to shoulder as the sacred humans that we are.

To embrace our purpose, this is simply to be a living embodiment of love.

New developments and dynamic, quick, intuitive thinking that changes the way that whole communities live, think and share will be the flavor of the next seven years and powerfully experienced in the next 234 days if the Mayan predictions are remotely correct.

This energy can be exciting and exhausting.  It is Electric/Cosmic/Fire.  If we open to this energy of pure change we can live through this year with periods of heightened activity and times of simple rest in the back yard enjoying family and friends.

We can already see the quality of the year. We have had floods and fire, earthquakes and cyclones, Governments falling as the people stand for what they feel is now necessary change. Thousands of people in the Middle East being willing to lose their lives rather than live for another moment under dictatorship and suppression of personal freedom. Birds have fallen out of the sky and fish have ended up in the street, more and more information is becoming available to the public about hypocrisy in all kinds of ways.

We as the ‘One’ are purging and cleansing. The Phoenix is rising.   The shadows of our collective wounds are being exposed. The shadows of dependency of capitalism are being revealed.

We are no longer children, to wait for God/the governments/our parents or our partners to fix it. Each of is here in the center of the cyclone of change and it is our commitment to love, truth and freedom that will bring us together into living in a loving field of Unity Consciousness.

As a balance to all this we are in the year of the Rabbit in Chinese astrology, bringing some gentle waves to this fast paced energy.

Fast, but simply giving impetus to put your love into action. No efforting is needed there is so much here to support your dreaming. Uranus stays in a sign for seven years. It will now be in Aries till 2018. Change may come like a bolt out of the blue putting you on a life path that you had not even considered. We are living in the times that we used to talk about with ever increasing relaxed intensity.

It is at times like these that I am ever more grateful for what little clarity I have on this evolutionary mutational situation. Grateful that I have spent so many years and hours in contemplation, listening to the songs of the seasons as they carry the news from our galactic core.  Right now and in the coming years we will need every morsel of the inner capacities we have gained through attending to our inner work. Our emotional intelligence and the courage to keep opening is the rock that we can build our lives on.  We must nourish ourselves in ways that keep these candles burning.   It is from this place of heart-full authenticity that we can guide our children in these new times.

We are in transition, moving from one reality into a new one and many of us realise what it means to be part of the bridge of consciousness. We are living from the other side. Our values and dreams are no longer for the personal ‘I’.  Our local self is global, we are living from the collective soul. We are at one with Gaia herself, our souls connected in ways beyond imagining and this beautiful Earth is our home and our care is for every interwoven part of it. We have gone beyond borders.

When we speak our language contains this truth.

I cannot care for the one in front of me without caring for all of ‘The One’.  It is time to let our love fly with open wings.  Our only security is to risk being fully alive.

As I heard ‘Osho’ say, ‘consciousness is dangerous’!  Yes it is!  Consciousness is Dangerous to the conditioned self that would sacrifice your heart, for fear of change!

This is indeed the start of a seven year cycle that will define many of us in extraordinary ways, whilst at the same time releasing us to live, alive and aware.

Free to  live and love as unique multi-coloured fractals of the quantum thread.

So buckle up Dorothy. Kansas is going bye-bye.

In loving friendship


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