I feel the energy of the day very quiet right now. At the moment I am on the East Coast of Australia near the ocean. I greeted the rising sun this morning and have been waiting for some words and inspiration to write this blog. Hopefully to arrive before the eclipse itself!

As we await the arrival of the 8 year transit of ‘Her Majesty’ Venus, it feels appropriate today to connect with you during this solar eclipse.

This new moon in Gemini; is supercharged by the eclipse with added power streaming through from the alignment with the Pleiades and Galactic Central. It has been 26,000 years since we have seen this alignment.

What does this mean for me you might ask?

Our DNA is triggered by these light codes. As these new frequencies stream forth we are influenced by them. They speak to our cells in encoded language. These planets are moving in heavenly dance to the tune of a the celestial sounds of the spheres. As they move they awaken a movement within us, they awaken a new note in the song that has been waiting for this event, giving us opportunities for cellar rejuvenation and remembrance.

‘The brain is an electrochemical machine that processes through binary code – zeroes and ones that create patterns of experiences and realities. Reality is a consciousness program (hologram, simulation, illusion, dream) created by digital codes. Numbers, numeric codes, define our existence and experiences. Human DNA, our genetic memory, triggers (remembers) by digital codes at specific times and frequencies as we experience. Those codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. 11 is one of those codes, meaning activation of twin spiraling human DNA’. www.crystallinks.com

This is yet another event in a cycle of transformative events that have happened and are happening at the end of this 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of a new era. Each one of them offering us the opportunity for transformational change and deep alchemical quantum shifts. We are experiencing the quickening as a soul-full acceleration of awareness across many dimensions and inclusive of so many integral life dynamics.

Solar eclipses often purport significant endings or beginnings!

I can sense this in my cells today although I have no cognition of what it might be. Yet I feel the ongoing transmission from the last full moon, as if the whole game has been kicked up a notch into a new level of response-ability with an expanded view of ‘who we are’, ‘what we came for’ and ‘what this is all about!

(You may like to read the Galactic Faery Tale by Michael Lightweaver)

The cycle over the last 52,000 years has moved from group consciousness and the collective mind to individuated awareness. This cycle brings us to a new reality of true individuated awakened uniqueness of being, as we move more fully in the next years into the Aquarian Age, finding a new reality of what it means to be clothed in flesh. What it means to co-operate and co-create within this multi-dimensional field. What it means to move beyond the small I and move essence instead of ego.

The core principles of this movement are to experience the full embodiment of our highest potentials through the cellular activation of our Gene Keys. Opening our hearts and minds to not only realize but to also actualize and live from the Siddhi’s within the 64 fractals of our DNA. For thousands of years mystics, sages and wise ones have been sharing their experiences of Siddhic states or higher essential states of consciousness. This is what is available to us as an evolutionary path. This journey of evolution does not promise ‘Happy Ever After with ice cream on top’. When we have direct experience of these states there is a letting go and transcendence of the reactive mind and the emotional dramas no longer have effect. In some moment there is a complete shift from mind to no mind. There is such a deep relaxation into the moment that a whole new experience of reality opens up before us. We move into essential presence or witnessing consciousness. This movement from ego to essence brings about fearless compassion, courageous truth, intimate communion open-ness and great strength of vulnerability. No longer identified with any state or image we are fueled by intuitive guidance and move effortlessly from the ocean of being.

Each of these transits, like the super-moon at the beginning of May, flowing on to this new moon solar eclipse and leading soon to another full moon and Venus transit, is igniting our DNA to move beyond the achieving mind and waking us up to our true potential. All of these planetary alignments and grand trines are bringing through and activating the crystalline structures of our cellular memories. Awakening the Diamond Body, bringing precision and clear perception to alleviate the wounds of the ancestral past.

You might be thinking what is the big deal?

We have transits and a solar eclipse regularly. Well today we have a solar eclipse in Gemini at the same time as the sun enters Gemini. The last time this happened was in 1993. It causes me to contemplate on what I was doing in 1993? And how that has influenced the last 19 years of my life. As I contemplate this my attention is drawn to Venus, Gemini and Scorpio.

Venus is now retrograde giving us time to look back before we step through a new gate next month. Giving me time to review and give myself time.

Time to listen to the divine feminine essence as she moves deeply inside before Venus stands in front of the sun in June.

Time to listen to the guidance that gives direction and time to open to any experience of the past that brings wisdom to this moment.

The energy of the full moon in Scorpio is still vibrating in my cells. Scorpio is known for its tumultuous emotions, sensuality, sexuality and passion. It rules that which is hidden and secretive. So much of our potential has been compromised by secrets, our sexuality limited by traumatic events and moralistic ideas, which congest our systems and block the pure passionate sensual love of life. The Scorpio full moon, was blessed by the Wesak festival, the masters and Buddha nature. Calling out the mystical nature of Scorpio to move more fully revealed in the world.

Gemini is highly intelligent and logical. A natural communicator and networker, feisty and flighty, together these three alone make a marvelous cocktail for either disaster or joyous renewal. Like all things at this time these planets are here to work together. To overcome the apparent differences, breakdown limiting ideas and breakthrough the secretive nature of that which has been hidden.

We may take a moment right now for some contemplation and life review. Time to revisit our values and see if the pragmatic nature of them is dampening our spirit.

We have a little portal of time to sort out what is important and what needs to be weeded out of the garden of our hearts:

• Is there space for romance in our lives, for new projects for love and fulfilment?
• How open are we?
• How dedicated are we to our inner journey?
• How committed are we to our life and projects?
• Are we nourishing and being nourished by those around us?
• Are we alive and vibrant?
• Do those melancholy days inspire the muse or lead us into depression?
• Are we giving ourselves the love and time we need to flower as beings and by doing so light the way for others?

This is a time for the heart and head to be integrated.

A time to slow down even though everything is speeding up, this is the paradox. It is only in slowing down, breathing, relaxing, making space amidst the hum-drum of life that the inner wisdom can arise.

These energies recalibrate our system. The more open we are to explore our inner territory the more wiling we are to take an honest look at some of our hidden places the more capacity we have to receive the higher frequencies that are here to propel our evolution. We have time to watch:

• Places where we are feeding the old program.
• Places where we are not trusting.
• Places where we judge.
• Places where we are permissive rather than discerning.

These transits are assisting the cleansing of all these emotionally guarded and charged places. Assisting us to transcend and see the world from a new vantage point. Some quiet time for contemplation and intimate sharing may enhances the process from this side.

Venus The Queen of Heaven, attributed with the five-pointed star of illumination is holding us in the heart of her kingdom. Inviting us to take stock of where we are, where we have been and what is coming with us through the portal of change. What are we leaving behind? What mental/emotional ancestral patterns are being brought into the light to be washed clean?

As she transits she touches five points in the heavens bathing us under the pentagram the most sacred of signs of the divine feminine. The pentagram like the Goddess was cast down by the patriarchal Christian Church who denied its women their divine rights as passionate sexual beings and thereby confusing both sexes, creating shame and keeping the passion underground, hidden, aberrant or directed at Christ. A Christ that has been neutered just as Magdalene has been deflowered. Both castrated! All revolution removed from their loins!

This year 2012 restores the revolution of being. Reminds us of the Holy Union within that was shared and embodied by the Master and his beloved Magdalene.

Let us use this time to restore the majesty of our love and passion, to resurrect the beloved-ness in our unions that we as men and women may look to each other with deep respect and walk hand in hand into a new era.

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