A New Beginning…

Calling all Earth Bound Faeries, Space Cowboys, Wizards, Witches, Visiting Aliens, Avatars and all things Fey.

It seems to have been several lifetimes since I wrote Venus Queen of Heaven part one … and much as the mind would like me to write more often it seems it only happens when it happens. I cannot for sure say this is really part two … simply my love affair with Venus.

I am sure you have been riding the waves of change as we have encountered all these eclipses.  My cells are alive and rocking with the tide of this full “super” moon.  Added to the power of this full moon and her companions in the night sky.  This date is also celebrated as Wesak and Buddha’s enlightenment day.

Wesak is usually celebrated on the first Taurus full moon in May but this year the first moon within the sign of Taurus happened in April adding an extra zing to that Scorpio event.

However, ‘Wesak’ is still being celebrated this weekend and I understand why.

I have to say that I did not sleep until I watched the moon blossom after midnight and Venus appear in the sky. Tonight again we will see a beautiful configuration of planets with Jupiter Mercury and Venus beaming their gifts to us here in the Southern Hemisphere and the 26th for our northern relatives.

On the 28th Venus will be conjunct Jupiter. A conjunction is a kind of Union a coming together and merging in their highest exhalation and Venus will continue to hold us in high regard for the rest of the year.

Last year we acknowledged the end of a cosmic cycle and this year we are in the first year of a very New Age … an age that many of us have been dedicating our lives to bring about.  But my dear friends as challenging as the last years have been we are not done.  In fact it is just beginning but beginning with some joyful expansive energies to light our way.

There is so much inter- dimensional support for our work.  The support from other realms has always been there although it has been veiled and fraught with interference.  A lot could be said about ‘interference’ but the easiest and perhaps most impersonal way to view it is simply that it is a glitch in the matrix … a bug in the program and we all know what happens to Mr Smith in the end, don’t we?? … (Well if the answer is no…and you still have not seen/injested/ understood/internalized this movie…????????? 🙂 !

But I digress; our commitment to exposing our shadows and living in the light of love; is breaking down the density in the field. Sometimes that may seem impossible to believe when we see the chaos that is constantly thrown up on the front page.  The Uranus/Pluto dance is exposing so much distortion that we may in turn use all that is put in front of us as gifts for our evolution.

Within the apparancy of chaos the seed of new organizational order is emerging.

And this emergence is calling for Synarchy, collective cohesion , co-operation and the awakening of our integral relationship with the bio-field.

The biggest one for me at the moment is the insidious nature of Monsanto and the great need to be supporting Freedom for Seeds and Food Democracy.  Yesterday in the U.S.A the Senate voted to restrict the various states for being able to label GMO foods. :



It is at times like these when so much chaos is present that it becomes even more important to breathe and call in the support of the masters. To remember who we are, where we came from and what this is all about.

Monsanto is a sure sign of a dying age, the absolute push for power and survival that it takes to want to ‘own’ the food chain.

And the blessings of so many people coming together to say ‘we are not going to support you’. We are supporting food democracy and the need for the freedom of all citizens of Gaia to grow and replenish the land with care and nourishment that it may be a support system for generations to come.

It also shows us again and again how easy it is for us to fall back into duality. Easy for us to fear that they might succeed and then directing that fear in the form of anger and hostility at this corporate entity called ‘Monsanto.’  The inner judge simply finds another common enemy, something or someone to blame. An outer object to smother in unresolved hostility, thereby feeding energy to support this power hungry venture whilst justifying the use of these low tone frequencies.

Monsanto is simply our collective shadow, a conglomeration of lost souls who are stuck in an old game that plays to our fears whilst pretending to solve the world hunger crises.   They are holding up a huge mirror for us. How awake are we? Are we able to see it for what it is? Whilst at the same time giving our energy in support of what we want … freedom of seeds and freedom from GMO crops. Or does this company erode our new found awareness.

I also found it fascinating that the ‘March Against Monsanto’ should happen on the anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment.  This march is to bring awareness of some fundamental issues that affect the whole of humanity and bringing many diverse groups of people together. People, wishing to protect our food supply and support traditional farming practices and local farmers. Bringing out scientists and horticulturalists who understand biodiversity and educating us as to how we can feed the world without the erosion of community and ultimate impotency that ‘Monsanto’ would impose upon our planet.

So again I say that amidst the chaos we are also seeding community.

The Buddha-field is strong today reminding us that we are the Guardians of the Light, The Keepers of the Truth and the Stewards of our own evolution. We are the voice for all those who cannot speak.

We know we are in the midst of a glorious transformation some of us are feeling the good fortune that is being blasted through the atmosphere with celestial sound further enhanced by the approaching Venus/Jupiter conjunction.

We know what it is ‘to be here now’  we are holding the field from a place of Deep peace, Joyful abundance and Loving Presence.


Even as I write this last sentence I do not want to over look the fact that many of us have contracted to be in the trenches. We are empaths and open to clearing the deepest of the sacred wounds that pour through our systems.

We must give ourselves appreciation and acknowledgement for the role that we play in this birthing process. A role that so often goes un-acknowledged.  Yet we know! And at times mid-process it is not an easy thing to remember.

Sooo breathe beloveds, this is our service, rage and protest and dive and experience the bliss when you come up for air!   Embrace whatever is offered from this divine Guest House.

It is not always gentle, yet we have the capacity and support to keep going.

The support from the Venusian Masters, and all Ascended ones is embedded in our Akasha. We have direct access…the light of Venus calls us to remember. How many of you awaken at 3am…or do not sleep till after Venus time. Do you remember where you go when you sleep?

The word ‘Master’ is a term of respect offered to those who have transcended  there is no hierarchy involved here but if you are triggered by the word … good! There is still work to do…

These are our brothers and sister resonances carrying codes of enlightenment which resonate with our DNA.

Some encounter this in a more transpersonal way, however, how you encounter them is irrelevant it is the frequency that opens to us when the right configurations of awakening occur.  Open-ness, transparency and surrender set the stage for the quickening that creates new high frequency neural pathways.

The strength of the divine feminine, rages through our bloodlines. Awakening passionate hearts to their higher calling. The true warrior caste is here now within the awakened heart.

As we learn to walk in this New Age of Aquarius we might remember that this is our life path, we have a true purpose, there are friends on the path to lend support and actively listen.There are physically embodied wise ones, Angels and Liberated ones in the halls of Shamballah all ready to answer our calls.

We simply must remember …

’Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Mathew 7.7.

I am repeating 3 times so our heads, our hearts and our belly can receive the words and remember in times of turmoil…call a friend….

Simply dial an Angel 000 Cloud 9…

In Loving Friendship


P.S … ’You are the Buddha pretending not to be!’ Osho.

Movies to see … Cloud Atlas /Beautiful Creatures/Life of Pi …and for a good laugh … Hysteria.

Wonderful short films:

The Blue Jewel by Oliver Hauck

Forks over Knives


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