Pluto and the Love Channel. July 14th2015

Today we are the closest we have been to Pluto with a NASA flyby.

Many cosmic visionaries (Including this one:) feel that things have changed. Things always change in the inner realms first, Or as the old mediums used to say ‘everything changes first in spirit’. This also suggests that it is changing in your energy field, in your aura and filtering through your cells. You have all been part of this shift.

Every single tear you have shed and painful experience that you have had the courage to move through, has been your gift and continues to be your gift to the shift. Every smile, every heartfelt moment, every moment of fun and laughter, brings your uniqueness to the whole.

Together we have been activating and actualizing our gifts, sharing our hearts and invoking our essence. Shining as the stars that we are.

PlutoSince “New Horizons”  was launched in 2006 the world has changed there is more awakening happening and more people power available than ever before. “The Media” does not report it but you can feel it in your heart. Pluto has been demoted as a planet then re-instated and now being clearly ‘seen’ but what is being seen is only the outer skin.

This is a beautiful metaphor for what is happening here. You have been ‘labeled’, mis-labeled and relabeled. These are all labels that are assigned to you … they are not you! Just like Pluto regardless of how someone ‘classes’ you, at the core you are still exactly yourself.

The qualities and essence of a planet can only be recognised by someone who recognises essence. Pluto is the outer most planet in our solar system and we are pushing the boundaries beyond what we know. Moving beyond into unknown territory.

This is the axis point for the shift to occur. The cosmic gateway to the next evolutionary cycle!

Pluto serves awakening, drags you, sometimes kicking and screaming down into the underworld to face the demons and peel away all the masks, giving power to the resurrection of our collective soular selves.

One of the major challenges right now is to realise the new reality that you are living in. YOU are not the same you as you were yesterday or last year. YOU…all of you who have been on voyages of awakening, facing the fears and breathing your way through the shadows, YOU are expanding! Your field of vision has greater clarity. The capacity you have to ‘listen’ is becoming more refined.

The expansion often brings with it rebound, where some small deficiency or inadequacy pops up and like an elastic band the energy field jumps back into contraction. Only this time it feels more intense, acutely painful as you have experienced the joy and bliss of your vitality. It is here that you must see immediately that you are identified with an old program. Life in the expanded field is fresh and
Full of promise, the small self then contracts back into the known territory of the shadow, keeping you small. BREATHE … Remember … call in your support … Essence … Grace … Love … whatever is true for you… let the breath go all the way to your belly… Sloowww … smile… as you have caught the thief red handed trying to steal your juice !!

The ‘work’ now is to watch your habits. Inquiry and digging can also become a habit. Pluto also brings relief as the golden nectar within is revealed.

We have wonderful opportunities to ‘get aligned” aligned with the greater good that we know we are.If the habits of mind reappear we can simply change the channel!

stock-footage-old-radio-tuning Just like the channel on the TV or Radio you can change the mind chatter. If you notice the ‘habits’ you might
also notice there is no real energy to support them anymore! You have been doing your inner work … give yourself a break … Breathe … Laugh … it has no power over you. The energy of the habit that kept you in its grip, contracted in spirit and tight in your body has gone! It is the fading memory, just a noise…let it pass, no need to identify with it.

Instead take heart from this Bruce Lipton quote.

“We are “self-biologists” who create with the thoughts in our minds the love potions that control the cells and tissues in our body.” So love yourself…let love pour through.

Or as Mike Dooley says’  ‘ Thoughts become things !”

Feelings have a powerful resonance they are magnetizing things into your field. So watch how you are feeling and the thoughts that support it.

Tune in to the Love Channel.

Love is the frequency that draws to you all that you truly want to experience. So when you lose your alignment … those moments when the habits of mind try to resurrect their authority over you … Switch to the Love Channel. You can do it!

Those of you who have been exploring Human Design or Gene Keys know your own paths of transformation through the streams of consciousness and today I am going to invite us all to put our attention on a specific key. You may not have this key in your chart but we have access to all 64 in our Light Codes. These are collective archetypes and we are all familiar with them whether we have direct access through G. K or H.D or not.

So today I am asking you to put some focus or contemplation on the 58th Key. This is the path of transformation from the shadow of Dissatisfaction (with a capital D:) through the gift of Vitality to the essential state of Bliss.
Bliss is the Siddhi the Divine Gift.

If you are at all interested in spirituality or self-improvement you probably have heard this over
“From Stress to Bliss” If you are at all interested in spirituality or self-improvement you probably have heard this over and over again — the mind is the problem. Out of this truth countless systems have been born — meditations, practises, affirmations and modalities — all with the single purpose of helping you transcend the mind and find inner fulfilment. Although it is indeed true that the mind is the root of the problem, there is great danger of directly confronting the mind because it is such a slippery mechanism. The problem with the mind is that it hankers after self-improvement, the very core of the 58th Shadow. It wants more than anything to give you the feeling that you can do something to bring about the state of joy. Unfortunately, in this respect, anything you do — any technique, any system, any strategy — can only bring about continued dissatisfaction! The 58th Shadow stirs up a great genetic pressure within human beings, the pressure to improve something or to be of service in some way. Dissatisfaction is an energy frequency aimed entirely at the future. When not agitated, this Gene Key manifests its natural state — that of vitality and joy. This is what is so hugely ironic about the 58th Shadow. It provokes you to seek happiness in the outside world only to bring you to the conclusion that you cannot pro- duce the state of joy because it already exists inside you.” he 58th Shadow creates the illusion of the future. The real joke is that in being driven outwards in our quest for fulfilment, we human beings actually improve the world and help it to gradually become more synthesised. In other words, it is your very dissatisfaction that is of the greatest service to the whole.

When we examine the 52nd Shadow of Stress in conjunction with the 58th Shadow of Dis- satisfaction, we learn that these two codes programme human beings on a trans-genetic level. In other words, they reinforce each other through the collective morphogenetic field. The more dissatisfied human beings there are on our planet, the more powerful this Shadow frequency becomes. Ironically, this is why the population explosion has led to vast improvements in the quality of our lives. In our modern world of today, the search for personal satisfaction and fulfilment has become practically universal. It is extraordinary to consider that our search for fulfilment creates and compounds the very stress it seeks to end. This is precisely how evolution operates — it makes us miserable, and in our quest to end our misery we unwittingly evolve.

For the individual, the 58th Shadow does a great service. It stirs up the quiet waters of your inner lake so that you must try to find some kind of peace.”Richard Rudd from the Gene Keys Book (A 21st century transmission for those on the evolutionary path, soon to be available in many languages.) for your free chart, or

So without saying too much more let us take some time in the next weeks to, witness, notice and enter into some open self -inquiry to see how often we are allowing ourselves to be in the frequency of the shadow of Dissatisfaction and how long do we stay there? The gift, which is actually our life force, our Vitality, is only a breath away. Anything that we are experiencing need only be in the moment unless we are stuck in the story.

We have to start telling ourselves a different story. We are expanding into the embodiment of or Essential -Soular–Selves. We must also invite forgiveness and compassion for ourselves and others along with oceans of laughter!

We might ask ourselves are we on the ‘Love Channel’ is the DJ the ‘Angel of Humour’ or have we lost the frequency and cannot quite find the station…and that is ok…every experience is the right one in any moment, the shadows are there to show us what happens when we are out of alignment. Knowing where you are, you can make your way back. Back, to a supportive, loving, inner environment.

Letting go of a situation is simply to withdraw your thoughts and feelings from the situation. The situation cannot be changed…but how you view it or engage with it can. Breathing in the present moment, whilst looking at the situation we can see our dissatisfaction! Dissatisfied that it happened the way it did! It did not fit our picture. Did not match with our beliefs, was less than we expected….so …Dissatisfied Again! Some situations are extremely challenging but they do not define you! All victims and victimisers are playing a role! We are all perfect mirrors. Some that we see through immediately and others need time.

Vitality returns with our willingness to return to love to see the whole situation and the people in it attuned to the Love Channel. YOU INCLUDED !!

Let it go…it might take a moment or hours or even days…the more you practice forgiveness and compassion the faster you will be able to let go.

So Beloveds…the steps for the next month are…Breathe…stop again and again and Breathe …slow deep breaths. Set the alarm on your watch to buzz every couple of hours so you can check in with where you are.

Vitality is here now not in the past and not in the future.

So change the channel and change the story. The Station is Love and the story is compassion and forgiveness. With, each breath release the resistance that is creating the inner disturbance and breathe in divine grace.

Align yourself with the love.

In loving friendship

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